Cords Tieback DIY


On a recent trip to the hardware store, I found myself drawn to an aisle of colorfully patterned ropes. The variety of shades and designs was so inspiring. I was smitten (maybe even slightly obsessed)—so much so that I had to create these easy summer updates that will work in just about any room. You’ll see how sophisticated a rough-hewn material can become with a little help.

Hitch It

A bold blue-and-white rope paired with a brass hook becomes a curtain tieback fit for the captain’s quarters. Almost any rope will work here, and the possibilities for design and color combinations are endless, so get creative…


What you’ll need:

  • a thick rope (mine was about 50 inches long and 1/2 inch thick)
  • a thinner contrasting rope (for embellishment)
  • a glue gun
  • a brass hook
  • an eye strap or a small cup hook (one per tieback)
  • scissors
  • a lighter (singeing the ends of the rope after you cut it will prevent fraying)
  1. Cut your rope to the desired length, and thread it through the end of your brass hook. Glue the cut ends together.
  2. To conceal the joint and bind the rope together, wrap a smaller contrasting rope around several times. Secure the ends of the smaller rope in an inconspicuous place using the glue gun. Repeat this step to add embellishment along the length of your tie.
  3. Attach the eye strap or cup hook to the wall, and secure the brass hook through it.

Form :